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Welcome to the Quantum Information and Computation Group at the Department of Physics, Indian Institute of Technology Palakkad. We are engaged in theoretical research in the forefront of quantum information processing and quantum computation, with a focus on quantum correlation measures in many-body systems useful for the development of scalable quantum technology. Our research brings together various fields such as quantum information theory, quantum computation, quantum many-body physics, statistical physics, and open quantum systems. For more details on the current research by the group members, click here.

IIT Palakkad, Nila Campus

Group newsletter

12-01-2023: Chandrima writes her first paper on using strong-coupling expansion to estimate entanglement in isotropic Heisenberg model on a 2D lattice. The paper is on arXiv. Check it here.

17-12-2022: Nikhil presents his MSc mini project thesis.

03-11-2022: Harikrishnan writes about his year-long exploration on localizing genuine multiparty entanglement in stabilizer states. The paper is on arXiv. Check it here.

16-08-2022: Nikhil Mesquita joins the group for his Master's project.

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We encourage interested postdoctoral candidates to apply for a SERB-National Post-Doctoral Fellowship, or a DST Women Scientist position with us. If you are interested, please get in touch by sending an email to us with the title "N-PDF with QIC Group" (for N-PDF), or "WOS-A with QIC Group" (for DST Women Scientist), attaching your CV.

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