Quantum Information and Computation Group

Indian Institute of Technology Palakkad

The members of the group explore several areas related to quantum information theory and quantum computation. Some of the recent endeavours of the group include

  1. (a) quantification of multipartite entanglement,

  2. (b) characterizing quantum many-body systems using entanglement, and investigating novel phenomena such as quantum phase transitions in these systems,

  3. (c) dynamics of entanglement and related quantum correlation measures in open quantum systems,

  4. (d) characterizing topological quantum error correcting codes, and the "topological-to-non-topological" quantum phase transitions using entanglement,

  5. (e) designing quantum thermal machines using interacting quantum spin models,

  6. (f) generating large quantum networks containing genuine multiparty entanglement, and

  7. (g) studying quantum games in noisy situations.

We are here

Department of Physics
Indian Institute of Technology Palakkad
Nila Campus, Kanjikode West, Palakkad
Kerala - 678623, India

2022 Quantum Information and Computation Group, Department of Physics, IIT Palakkad